Women and Justice: Keywords


GENDER 2010 Report Card on the International Criminal Court (2011)

Gender discrimination, Sexual violence and rape, Harmful traditional practices

Report by The Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice assessing the implementation by the ICC of the Rome Statute, Rules of Procedure, Evidence and Elements of Crimes, and in the gender mandates they embody.

Rape and sexual violence: Human rights law and standards in the International Criminal Court (2011)

Sexual violence and rape

Report by Amnesty International on identifying how the crimes of rape and sexual violence must, as a requirement of its own statute and a matter of international human rights law, be interpreted and applied with equality between men and women by the International Criminal Court (March, 2011).

In Pursuit of Peace (2010)

Gender discrimination

Launched in tandem with the June 2010 Review Conference of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court; includes recommendations for improving gender sensitivity at the ICC, and particular statements by activists from DR Congo, Central African Republic and Uganda.