Employment Act of 2006

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The Employment Act of 2006 applies to all employment in Uganda other than soldiers. The Directorate of Labour, under the Minister of Labour, has the power to issue regulations of the Act’s provisions. Section 7 prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. The Employment (Sexual Harassment) Regulations of 2012 provide the details of Uganda’s sexual harassment policy. Sections 56 and 57, respectively, provide for fully paid maternity and paternity leave. Female employees are entitled to 60 days, four weeks of which must be taken immediately following birth or miscarriage, of paid maternity leave with the right to return to the same job or its equivalent. A male employee is entitled to four working days of fully paid leave and the right to return to the same job immediately after his wife’s birth or miscarriage. Uganda does not currently require employers to provide office space or time for breastfeeding.

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