Lei Sobre a Violência Doméstica Praticada Contra a Mulher: Lei nº 29/2009 (Law on Domestic Violence Against Women)

The law defines and prohibits acts of domestic violence, including sexual and moral violence, which do not result in death. Moral violence consists of publishing content that offends the honor or character of a woman. The penalty for domestic violence is established according to the rules of the national Penal Code. The law also includes community service as a potential penalty. The penalty for “non-consensual sex” is six months to two years imprisonment. The penalty may be increased if the perpetrator maintained sexual relations with the victim despite being aware that he was infected with HIV. However, lawmakers chose not to include an article in the law which would have prohibited traditional practices that violate women’s sexual and reproductive rights (e.g. the traditional practice whereby widows must marry their deceased husband’s brother).



Avon Center work product