People’s procuratorate of Nanjing City Jiangsu Province v. Ji Xingpeng

The defendant Ji Xingpeng, husband of his 22 year-old wife, was charged of crime of intentional homicide for murdering his wife. The couple were married in 2012. Every since then, defendant was doubtful about his wife’s loyalty to him and thought she has affairs with other persons, therefore he always beat his wife after drunk. On a night in 2013, Ji was drunk again and quarreled with the victim. Holding a knife, Ji hacked and poked the wife more than ten times, causing his wife die immediately. Intermediate People’s Court of Nanjing City found that the act of the defendant constituted intentional homicide, and therefore decided a death penalty with two-year’s probation. The victim’s parents appealed that as for the civil suit collateral to criminal proceedings, more compensation shall be made. The Supreme Court of Jiangsu Province finds that the appellants did not provide any evidence for their claims, therefore the decision of the lower court is affirmed.




Supreme Court of Jiangsu Province

Avon Center work product