Sexual Crimes Court, New Chapter 25 Establishing Criminal Court “E” – Title 17 – Liberian Code of Laws Revised

The statute establishes a Sexual Offense Court, Criminal Court “E” that has original jurisdiction over all sexual offense cases. §25.2 provides that the crimes adjudicated in this court include: rape, gang rape, aggravated involuntary sodomy, involuntary and voluntary sodomy, corruption of minors, sexual abuse of wards and sexual assault, and other crimes listed under the “Sexual Offenses” described under Subchapter D of Chapter 14 and 16 of the Penal Law, as well as human trafficking that involves sexual offenses. The law provides procedures to try sexual offense cases. §25.3 provides that cases involving rape shall be tried in camera, and the judge has the authority to seal the names and addresses of the rape victims. §25.7 provides that the cases are to be tried by jury, and §25.8 provides that the final decisions of the Sexual Offenses cases shall be appealed to the Supreme Court of Liberia. §25.10 provides that the President shall nominate a clerk to keep dockets and records of all the cases and provide a monthly summary of the cases to the Supreme Court of Liberia. Additionally, the Law grants these courts the ability to provide interim relief to protect victims. In this respect, the Law specifically refers to the ability of the court to ensure that child victims are placed in protective custody.

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