State v. Little, 127 Conn.App. 336

Here, the defendant had a prior conviction of sexual assault in the third degree.  He was sentenced to two years of prison with three years probation.  Under Gen. Stat. § 54-252, the defendant was required to register as a sex offender with the sex offender registry unit of the state policy.  Id. at 338.  While the defendant initially registered after his release from prison, he later failed to comply with all of the registration reporting requirements.  Id.  Specifically, he failed to return an address verification form.  The defendant had moved and six months later, contacted the registry office to send correspondence to his new address so he could update his registry.  Id.  The defendant since remained in compliance with registry requirements.  Nonetheless, the court affirmed the trial court’s conviction that the defendant failed to comply with sex offender registration requirements.



Avon Center work product