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Judicial System of Portugal (2019)

Gender discrimination

Portugal has a code-based civil law justice system, and its judiciary is divided between civil and administrative courts. The civil courts, which have jurisdiction over gender discrimination matters, are structured in a hierarchy. The lowest level civil court is the District Court (the Tribunal Judicial de Comarca), which is subordinate to the Appellate Court (the Tribunal da Relação), which is subordinate to the Superior Court of Justice (the Superior Tribunal de Justiça). The Judicial District Courts have the broadest jurisdiction, and issues initial judgments on the cases brought before it, after determining the findings of fact and rulings of law. Parties may appeal to the appropriate Appellate Court, which may review the findings of fact and rulings of law. Decisions rendered by the Appellate Court are final with respect to the findings of fact. However, should there still be dispute about the rulings of law, parties may file a final appeal before the Superior Court of Justice, and any judgment issued by the Superior Court of Justice is final and non-appealable.

Checklist for Domestic Application of International Law (2010)

Gender-based violence in general

This reference guide aims to assist judges and other legal professionals in applying international law in domestic courts.