intellectual property

Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank International   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Already, LLC v. Nike, Inc.   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc.   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
author   (Wex page)
Bilski v. Kappos (08-964)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
collective work   (Wex page)
compilation   (Wex page)
compulsory license   (Wex page)
copy   (Wex page)
copyright owner   (Wex page)
derivative work   (Wex page)
Golan v. Holder (10-545)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
joint work   (Wex page)
Limelight Networks, Inc. v. Akamai Technologies, Inc.   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
literary works   (Wex page)
Medtronic, Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp.   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Microsoft v. AT&T (05-1056)   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Octane Fitness v. Icon Health and Fitness   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.   (LIIBULLETIN preview (pre-2014))
publication   (Wex page)
sound recording   (Wex page)
work made for hire   (Wex page)
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