24 CFR 5.321 - Lease provisions.

§ 5.321 Lease provisions.
(a) Lease provisions.
(1) PHAs which have established pet rules and project owners shall ensure that the leases for all tenants of projects for the elderly or persons with disabilities:
(i) State that tenants are permitted to keep common household pets in their dwelling units (subject to the provisions of this subpart and the pet rules);
(ii) Shall incorporate by reference the pet rules promulgated by the project owner or PHA;
(iii) Shall provide that the tenant agrees to comply with these rules; and
(iv) Shall state that violation of these rules may be grounds for removal of the pet or termination of the pet owner's tenancy (or both), in accordance with the provisions of this subpart and applicable regulations and State or local law.
(2) [Reserved]
(b) Where a PHA has not established pet rules, the leases of all tenants of such projects shall not contain any provisions prohibiting the owning or keeping of common household pets, and shall state that owning and keeping of such pets will be subject to the general obligations imposed on the PHA and tenants in the lease and any applicable State or local law or regulation governing the owning or keeping of pets in dwelling accommodations.

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