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§ 2-800. How to Cite Articles and Other Law Journal Writing

The relevant citation principles follow; section 3-800 provides both basic examples and further samples from a diversity of major U.S. law journals.

§ 2-810. Journal Article Citations – Most Common Form [BB|ALWD]

Principle: The components of a journal article citation are, in order:

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Element (a) -The full name of the contributing author followed by a comma

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Element (b) - The article title in full (italicized or underlined) followed by a comma, with all words other than prepositions and conjunctions begun with a capital letter «e.g.»

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Element (c) - The volume number «e.g.»

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Element (d) - The journal name (abbreviated) «e.g.»

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Element (e) - The page number(s)

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Element (f) - The year of publication in parentheses (unless it is contained in the volume number) «e.g.»

§ 2-820. Journal Article Citations – Variants and Special Cases [BB|ALWD]

Journal material other than articles by contributing authors is cited in similar form with the following differences of detail:

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Special Case 1 – Student Writing by a Named Student:

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Special Case 2 – Unsigned Student Writing:

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Special Case 3 – Book Reviews:

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Special Case 4 – Symposia and the Like:

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Special Case 5 – Tributes, Dedications and Other Specially Labeled Articles:

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Special Case 6 – Articles in Journals with Separate Pagination in Each Issue:

§ 2-825. Journal Article Citations – Points of Difference in Citation Practice

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Point 1: Instead of distinguishing student writing by following the author's name with a specific category or type label such as "Note" the ALWD Citation Manual calls for use of the generic label "Student Author" «e.g.».

Point 2: The ALWD Citation Manual does not call for the inclusion of an article's special designation in its citation «e.g.».

Point 3: With separately paginated issues, the ALWD Citation Manual does not leave off the volume number or move the page number to a different location, but identifies the issue by the date or number appearing on the cover, in the concluding parentheses «e.g.». (It also abbreviates the American Bar Association as "ABA" rather than "A.B.A.")

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