Engine means an engine block with an installed crankshaft, or a gas turbine engine. The term engine does not include engine blocks without an installed crankshaft, nor does it include any assembly of reciprocating engine components that does not include the engine block. (Note: For purposes of this definition, any component that is the primary means of converting an engine's energy into usable work is considered a crankshaft, whether or not it is known commercially as a crankshaft.) This includes complete and partially complete engines as follows:
(1) A complete engine is a fully assembled engine in its final configuration. In the case of equipment-based standards, an engine is not considered complete until it is installed in the equipment, even if the engine itself is fully assembled.
(2) A partially complete engine is an engine that is not fully assembled or is not in its final configuration. Except where we specify otherwise in this part or the standard-setting part, partially complete engines are subject to the same standards and requirements as complete engines. The following would be considered examples of partially complete engines:
(i) An engine that is missing certain emission-related components.
(ii) A new engine that was originally assembled as a motor-vehicle engine that will be recalibrated for use as a nonroad engine.
(iii) A new engine that was originally assembled as a land-based engine that will be modified for use as a marine propulsion engine.
(iv) A short block consisting of a crankshaft and other engine components connected to the engine block, but missing the head assembly.
(v) A long block consisting of all engine components except the fuel system and an intake manifold.
(vi) In the case of equipment-based standards, a fully functioning engine that is not yet installed in the equipment. For example, a fully functioning engine that will be installed in an off-highway motorcycle or a locomotive is considered partially complete until it is installed in the equipment.


40 CFR § 1068.30

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