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A unique resource for law teachers

Since 1992 the LII has been building and distributing electronic materials strongly oriented to the needs of legal educators, via the Internet and on disk.  The LII "Building Blocks" series of documents is intended to help law teachers use the extensive collections and technology tools developed by the LII in support of their teaching and other electronic publishing activities.  Here you will find listings of what we have, information on how to search our materials and make pinpoint links to particular cases, statutory provisions, regulations, rules of evidence or procedure, how you and your students can make use of our current awareness services, and information on the LII's downloadable and CD-ROM based core course materials in fields ranging from civil procedure or the Uniform Commercial Code to legal ethics. Just follow the links from the list below.

Resources for finding resources


Statutes, Codes, Regulations, and Rules


Finding, searching, and linking aids

Downloadable and CD-ROM based course materials

Note: Our normal revision cycle involves annual updates to these materials which occur during the summer months and are generally completed by August 15. If your use of the material is time- or version-bound, you may want to check with us about the status of any new version.

Resources which help you (and your students) find resources

LII topical overviews

Each topical overview is essentially a miniature legal encyclopedia entry,  providing a brief explanation of an area of law and many pointers to relevant resources both at the LII and across the Net, including  federal, state, and international materials as appropriate.  A complete list is too long to give here; it currently covers about 50 topics. The series is being revised and expanded during the summer of 1997.

LII listing of legal resources by type or source

Another way of dividing the world of legal information; this list is organized by the type (treaty, statute, etc.) of legal information and by its origin.  It is particularly useful for locating international materials by country.

LII listing of state law materials

This resource provides a comprehensive list of pointers to  model codes which apply in many states, as well as individual state constitututions, statutes, and legislative information.


BigEar is an LII-created software agent which monitors traffic in a number of law-oriented listserv lists, plucking out the addresses of information resources on the Net and listing them comprehensively in a concise weekly listing.  The service has been in operation since November of 1995, and has accumulated quite an assortment of legal information resources. The Cornell Law Library staff has selected certain of these for review and commentary as part of their InSite project. i


Follow the links below for detailed authoring information.

New York Court of Appeals

All cases since 1990. We also produce the LIIBULLETIN-NY, a collection of commentaries on important decisions of the Court of Appeals, issued within a few days of the decision.

United States Supreme Court

Cases released under the auspices of Project Hermes (since 1990) and selected historical decisions, as well as court-related information such as argument and session calendars, biographies of the justices, etc.

We also provide some linking and searching aids which will help you build links to collections of caselaw elsewhere.  See below.

Codes, statutes, regulations, and court rules

Follow the links below for detailed authoring information

United States Constitution
United States Code
Administrative Procedure Act and selected cases
Civil Rights Statutes of the US
United States Copyright Act and selected cases
Lanham Act (trademark) and selected cases
United States Patent Act and selected cases
Securities Act of 1933
Securities and Exchange Act of 1934
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence
Federal Rules of Judicial Conduct
American Legal Ethics Library: Topical Overview, State Narratives and Rules of Professional Conduct for Cal., DC, Fla., Ill., N.Y., Penn. and Texas (to be released on the Net and CD-ROM summer 1997)
Uniform Commercial Code

Current awareness services

LII's Eye on the Courts

Newsworthy decisions from around the globe.

LIIBULLETIN (e-mail based)

E-mail delivery, within minutes, of syllabi of Supreme Court opinions as they are handed down.

Finding, searching, and linking aids

Some collections of legal information on the Net are offered in ways which make it difficult for an author to create links to specific documents or sub-parts within the overall collection.  The most frequently-found examples of this are large collections which can only be accessed by search engine, like the Code of Federal Regulations, but there are others.  The LII has constructed a number of "helpers" which make it easy to construct pinpoint links within these otherwise opaque collections.

Code of Federal Regulations
Supreme Court Choice-of-Viewing
New York Laws
United States Circuit Courts of Appeal
How to work with embedded searches generally


The Allegheny College Case

Bruce Markell's hypertext view of a 1927 contracts decision of the New York Court of Appeals. It was written by Benjamin Cardozo, and the losing counsel was Robert H. Jackson, both future members of the United States Supreme Court.

Basic Legal Citation An introduction to legal citation per the Bluebook.  Under extensive revision during summer 1997.

JURIST - Law Professors on the Web

GATT 1994

LII Report on student use of laptops at Chicago-Kent

Peter Martin looks at the technologically intensive 'laptop cohort' of first-year students at Chicago-Kent.  In his words: "As a visiting faculty member at Chicago-Kent during the 1995-96 academic year I devoted much of my time to learning from this program that is at once unique but at the same time a forerunner of changes soon to occur at most U.S. law schools, more or less inevitably."

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