Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Party Name

The cases included in the LII Historic Collection are listed alphabetically below. You can scroll down the list or click on one of the following letters to jump directly to that portion of it. Clicking on a case name will retrieve that case. If you are not sure of a case name, you may wish to search the entire collection using a portion of the name or a key word or phrase likely to be used in it. (To launch such a search click here.)

Following each case name there are two additional links -- "(recent Fed?)" and "(recent Supct?). These links launch searches of the LII's index of recent U.S. Court of Appeals decisions and its index of recent Supreme Court opinions seeking references to the historic decision in question. Some of these important decisions are not only landmarks, they continue to be invoked or interpreted by appellate courts to this day. Clicking on these search links will tell you if that is true of a case in which you are interested and allow you to see exactly how the case is being used. Inspect the results with some care; the search is a simple one and may yield "chaff" along with "wheat" -- that is, instances where the volume and page numbers of the citation and name of one of the parties are being used in other contexts. A report that there are "0 Returned Object(s)" provides important negative information, namely, that the case has not been cited recently.

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