Staying Current with the U.S. Supreme Court

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Since 1993, the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School has provided a free current awareness service via e-mail, distributing the syllabi of U.S. Supreme Court decisions in bulletin format within hours after their release.

Supreme Court previews [How to Subscribe]

In 2004, the liibulletin added a preview service, which explores cases currently before the US Supreme Court. Its editorial board comprises second- and third-year law students, who are responsible for every aspect of the journal's management, from selecting decisions for commentary to researching, writing, editing, and producing the journal content in HTML. Bulletin content is available on this site and by (free) email subscription. See the Cornell Chronicle article on this new liibulletin project.


The student-edited liibulletin-ny was discontinued in 2004.


To subscribe to the liibulletin and make subsequent changes in your subscription, we recommend use of our liibulletin web interface.

You can also subscribe by e-mail. To do so send a message from the address at which you want to receive the bulletin to:

Whichever way you subscribe you be sent a confirming e-mail message that must be returned to the server before your subscription will take effect.

Subscribers receive an e-mail bulletin containing summaries of all decisions of the United States Supreme Court shortly after they have been handed down, along with instructions on how to access those decisions in full text.