What We Do

Publishing Law

Most of our publishing efforts go into producing and maintaining the extensive legal collections on this web site. In 2011, we partnered with eLangdell to produce eBooks of the Federal Rules, the first three volumes of a growing collection. Soon, you will find LII-powered collections available for smartphone and tablet use. As the first law site on the internet, we are proud to lend our expertise to new LIIs that develop in all parts of the world. Currently, we are helping to build LIIs in Africa.

Helping Understanding

The law is a complex and complicated system of knowledge that is more difficult to find and understand than it should be. While we do not offer legal advice, we try to develop systems that allow users from outside the legal profession to more easily access and understand the laws that govern them. Our Wex Legal Encyclopedia includes hundreds of definitions and explanations of legal topics. The LII Supreme Court Bulletin keeps readers apprised of all pending Supreme Court cases and alerts subscribers with the decisions as soon as they are available. LII Announce is our blog that lets you know about what's new at the LII and in the world of legal information and research. And if you are a law student or researcher, you should try our Jureeka! browser plug-in that turns legal citations in web pages into direct links to the relevant item in the LII collections.

Exploring Technologies

The LII is proud to host visiting researchers who come here to learn and perform research that will help the spread of the free-law movement around the world.  Most recently, we've hosted visitors from Spain, Finland, and Serbia; we have longstanding collaborations with many groups in sub-Saharan Africa, Japan, and China.  We co-publish an open-access journal with research teams in Italy and in Spain.  The LII also partners with our colleagues at Cornell Law School and Cornell University to put our technical knowledge to use on other problems facing society. You can learn more about our research on our forthcoming research pages, or explore VoxPopuLII, our blog for new voices in legal information research.