1 CFR § 16.1 - Designation.

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§ 16.1 Designation.

(a) Each agency shall designate, from its officers or employees, persons to serve in the following capacities with relation to the Office of the Federal Register:

(1) A liaison officer and an alternate.

(2) A certifying officer and an alternate.

(3) An authorizing officer and an alternate.

The same person may be designated to serve in one or more of these positions.

(b) In choosing its liaison officer, each agency should consider that this officer will be the main contact between that agency and the Office of the Federal Register and that the liaison officer will be charged with the duties set forth in § 16.2. Therefore, the agency should choose a person who is directly involved in the agency's regulatory program.

(c) Each agency shall notify the Director of the name, title, address, and telephone number of each person it designates under this section and shall promptly notify the Director of any changes.