1 CFR § 601.23 - The Environmental Impact Statement process.

§ 601.23 The Environmental Impact Statement process.

(a) The NCPC shall involve the applicant, Federal and District of Columbia agencies, members of the public and stakeholders in the preparation of an EIS. Public participation shall be required as part of the Public Scoping process and review of the Draft EIS. The NCPC shall also consult with agencies having jurisdiction by law or expertise. Agencies with “jurisdiction by law” are those with ultimate jurisdiction over a project and whose assistance may be required on certain issues and those with other kinds of regulatory or advisory authority with respect to the action or its effects on particular environmental resources.

(b) To determine the scope of an EIS through a Public Scoping process, NCPC shall proceed as follows:

(1) Disseminate a NOI in accordance with 40 CFR 1501.7 and 1506.6.

(2) Publish a NOI in the Federal Register and on NCPC's Web site which shall begin the Public Scoping process.

(3) Include the date, time, and location of a Public Scoping meeting in the NOI. The public meeting shall be announced at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance of its scheduled date.

(4) Hold Public Scoping meeting(s) in facilities that are accessible to the disabled; include translators if requested in advance; include signers or interpreters for the hearing impaired if requested in advance; and allow special arrangements for consultation with affected Indian tribes or other Native American groups who have environmental concerns that cannot be shared in a public forum.

(5) Consider all comments received during the announced comment period regarding the analysis of alternatives, the affected environment, and identification of potential impacts.

(6) Apply the provisions of this section to a Supplemental EIS if the Executive Director of NCPC, in his/her sole discretion, determines a Public Scoping process is required for a Supplemental EIS.

(c) A Draft EIS shall be available to the public for their review and comment, for a period of generally forty-five (45) calendar days. The public comment period shall begin when NCPC shares a copy of the Draft EIS with EPA in anticipation of EPA's publication of an NOA. The NCPC shall hold at least one public meeting during the public comment period on a Draft EIS. The public meeting shall be announced at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance of its scheduled occurrence. The announcement shall identify the subject of the Draft EIS and include the public meeting date, time, and location.