1 CFR § 603.5 - Notice to Individuals supplying information.

§ 603.5 Notice to Individuals supplying information.

(a) Each Individual asked to supply information about himself/herself to be added to a System of Records shall be informed by the NCPC of the basis for requesting the information, its potential use, and the consequences, if any, of not supplying the information. Notice to the Individual shall state at a minimum:

(1) The legal authority for NCPC's solicitation of the information and whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary;

(2) The principal purpose(s) for which the NCPC intends to use the information;

(3) The potential routine uses of the information by the NCPC as published in a Systems of Records Notice; and

(4) The effects upon the individual, if any, of not providing all or any part of the requested Information to the NCPC.

(b) When NCPC collects information on a standard form, the notice to the Individual shall either be provided on the form, on a tear off sheet attached to the form, or on a separate form, whichever is deemed the most practical by the NCPC.

(c) NCPC may ask an Individual to acknowledge, in writing, receipt of the notice required by this section.