10 CFR 1021.212 - Research, development, demonstration, and testing.

§ 1021.212 Research, development, demonstration, and testing.

(a) This section applies to the adoption and application of programs that involve research, development, demonstration, and testing for new technologies ( 40 CFR 1502.4(c)(3)). Adoption of such programs might also lead to commercialization or other broad-scale implementation by DOE or another entity.

(b) For any proposed program described in paragraph (a) of this section, DOE shall begin its NEPA review (if otherwise required by this part) as soon as environmental effects can be meaningfully evaluated, and before DOE has reached the level of investment or commitment likely to determine subsequent development or restrict later alternatives, as discussed at 40 CFR 1502.4(c)(3).

(c) For subsequent phases of development and application, DOE shall prepare one or more additional NEPA documents (if otherwise required by this part).