10 CFR § 2.1309 - Notice of oral hearing.

§ 2.1309 Notice of oral hearing.

(a) A notice of oral hearing will—

(1) State the time, place, and issues to be considered;

(2) Provide names and addresses of participants,

(3) Specify the time limit for participants and others to indicate whether they wish to present views;

(4) Specify the schedule for the filing of written testimony, statements of position, proposed questions for the Presiding Officer to consider, and rebuttal testimony consistent with the schedule provisions of § 2.1321.

(5) Specify that the oral hearing shall commence within 15 days of the date for submittal of rebuttal testimony unless otherwise ordered;

(6) State any other instructions the Commission deems appropriate;

(7) If so determined by the NRC staff or otherwise directed by the Commission, direct that the staff participate as a party with respect to some or all issues.

(b) If the Commission is not the Presiding Officer, the notice of oral hearing will also state:

(1) When the jurisdiction of the Presiding Officer commences and terminates;

(2) The powers of the Presiding Officer;

(3) Instructions to the Presiding Officer to certify promptly the completed hearing record to the Commission without a recommended or preliminary decision.