10 CFR § 2.1407 - Appeal and Commission review of initial decision.

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§ 2.1407 Appeal and Commission review of initial decision.


(1) Within 25 days after service of a written initial decision, a party may file a written appeal seeking the Commission's review on the grounds specified in paragraph (b) of this section. Unless otherwise authorized by law, a party must file an appeal with the Commission before seeking judicial review.

(2) An appeal under this section may not be longer than twenty (20) pages and must contain the following:

(i) A concise statement of the specific rulings and decisions that are being appealed;

(ii) A concise statement (including record citations) where the matters of fact or law raised in the appeal were previously raised before the presiding officer and, if they were not, why they could not have been raised;

(iii) A concise statement why, in the appellant's view, the decision or action is erroneous; and

(iv) A concise statement why the Commission should review the decision or action, with particular reference to the grounds specified in paragraph (b) of this section.

(3) Any other party to the proceeding may, within 25 days after service of the appeal, file an answer supporting or opposing the appeal. The answer may not be longer than 20 pages and should concisely address the matters specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section. The appellant does not have a right to reply. Unless it directs additional filings or oral arguments, the Commission will decide the appeal on the basis of the filings permitted by this paragraph.

(b) In considering the appeal, the Commission will give due weight to the existence of a substantial question with respect to the following considerations:

(1) A finding of material fact is clearly erroneous or in conflict with a finding as to the same fact in a different proceeding;

(2) A necessary legal conclusion is without governing precedent or is a departure from, or contrary to, established law;

(3) A substantial and important question of law, policy or discretion has been raised by the appeal;

(4) The conduct of the proceeding involved a prejudicial procedural error; or

(5) Any other consideration which the Commission may deem to be in the public interest.

(c) Once a decision becomes final agency action, the Secretary shall transmit the decision to the NRC staff for action in accordance with the decision.

[69 FR 2271, Jan. 14, 2004, as amended at 77 FR 46599, Aug. 3, 2012]