10 CFR § 20.1905 - Exemptions to labeling requirements.

§ 20.1905 Exemptions to labeling requirements.

A licensee is not required to label—

(a) Containers holding licensed material in quantities less than the quantities listed in appendix C to part 20; or

(b) Containers holding licensed material in concentrations less than those specified in table 3 of appendix B to part 20; or

(c) Containers attended by an individual who takes the precautions necessary to prevent the exposure of individuals in excess of the limits established by this part; or

(d) Containers when they are in transport and packaged and labeled in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Transportation, 3 or

3 Labeling of packages containing radioactive materials is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) if the amount and type of radioactive material exceeds the limits for an excepted quantity or article as defined and limited by DOT regulations 49 CFR 173.403 (m) and (w) and 173.421-424.

(e) Containers that are accessible only to individuals authorized to handle or use them, or to work in the vicinity of the containers, if the contents are identified to these individuals by a readily available written record (examples of containers of this type are containers in locations such as water-filled canals, storage vaults, or hot cells). The record must be retained as long as the containers are in use for the purpose indicated on the record; or

(f) Installed manufacturing or process equipment, such as reactor components, piping, and tanks; or

(g) Containers holding licensed material (other than sealed sources that are either specifically or generally licensed) at a facility licensed under Parts 50 or 52 of this chapter, not including non-power reactors, that are within an area posted under the requirements in § 20.1902 if the containers are:

(1) Conspicuously marked (such as by providing a system of color coding of containers) commensurate with the radiological hazard;

(2) Accessible only to individuals who have sufficient instruction to minimize radiation exposure while handling or working in the vicinity of the containers; and

(3) Subject to plant procedures to ensure they are appropriately labeled, as specified at § 20.1904 before being removed from the posted area.

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