10 CFR § 205.15 - Public docket room.

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§ 205.15 Public docket room.

There shall be established at the DOE National Office, 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC, a public docket room in which shall be made available for public inspection and copying:

(a) A list of all persons who have applied for an exception, an exemption, or an appeal, and a digest of each application;

(b) Each decision and statement setting forth the relevant facts and legal basis of an order, with confidential information deleted, issued in response to an application for an exception or exemption or at the conclusion of an appeal;

(c) The comments received during each rulemaking proceeding, with a verbatim transcript of the public hearing if such a public hearing was held; and

(d) Any other information required by statute to be made available for public inspection and copying, and any information that the DOE determines should be made available to the public.