10 CFR § 205.196 - Statement of objections.

§ 205.196 Statement of objections.

(a) A person who has filed a Notice of Objection shall file a Statement of Objections to a Proposed Remedial Order within 40 days after service of the Notice of Objection. A request for an extension of time for filing must be submitted in writing and may be granted for good cause shown.

(b) The Statement of Objections shall set forth the bases for the objections to the issuance of the Proposed Remedial Order as a final order, including a specification of the issues of fact or law which the person intends to contest in any further proceeding involving the compliance matter which is the subject of the Proposed Remedial Order. The Statement shall set forth the findings of fact contained in the Proposed Remedial Order which are alleged to be erroneous, the factual basis for such allegations, and any alternative findings which are sought. The Statement shall include a discussion of all relevant authorities which support the position asserted. The Statement may include additional factual representations which are not referred to in the Proposed Remedial Order and which the person contends are material and relevant to the compliance proceeding. For each additional factual representation which the person asserts should be made, the Statement shall include reasons why the factual representation is relevant and material, and the manner in which its validity is or will be established. The person shall also specify the manner in which each additional issue of fact was raised in any prior administrative proceeding which led to issuance of the Proposed Remedial Order, or the reasons why it was not raised.

(c) A Statement of Objections that is filed by the person to whom a Proposed Remedial Order is directed shall include a copy of any relevant Notice of Probable Violation, each Response thereto, the Proposed Remedial Order, and any relevant work papers or supplemental information previously provided by ERA. Copies of this material must also be included with the copy of the Statement of Objections served upon the DOE Assistant General Counsel for Administrative Litigation. All other persons on the official service list must be notified that such materials are available from the notifier upon written request.