10 CFR § 205.199B - Remedial order.

§ 205.199B Remedial order.

(a) After considering all information received during the proceeding, the Director of the Office of Hearings and Appeals or his designee may issue a final Remedial Order. The Remedial Order may adopt the findings and conclusions contained in the Proposed Remedial Order or may modify or rescind any such finding or conclusion to conform the Order to the evidence or on the basis of a determination that the finding or conclusion is erroneous in fact or law or is arbitrary or capricious. In the alternative, the Office of Hearings and Appeals may determine that no Remedial Order should be issued or may remand all or a portion of the Proposed Remedial Order to the issuing DOE office for further consideration or modification. Every determination made pursuant to this section shall state the relevant facts and legal bases supporting the determination.

(b) The DOE shall serve a copy of any determination issued pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section upon the person to whom it is directed, any person who was served with a copy of the Proposed Remedial Order, the DOE office that issued the Proposed Remedial Order, the DOE Assistant General Counsel for Administrative Litigation and any other person on the official service list. Appropriate deletions may be made in the determinations to ensure that confidentiality of information protected from disclosure under 18 U.S.C. 1905 and 5 U.S.C. 552. A copy of the determination with appropriate deletions to protect confidential and proprietary data shall be placed in the Office of Hearings and Appeals Public Docket Room.