10 CFR § 217.32 - Elements of a rated order.

§ 217.32 Elements of a rated order.

Each rated order must include:

(a) The appropriate priority rating (e.g. DO-F1 or DX-F1)

(b) A required delivery date or dates. The words “immediately” or “as soon as possible” do not constitute a delivery date. A “requirements contract”, “basic ordering agreement”, “prime vendor contract”, or similar procurement document bearing a priority rating may contain no specific delivery date or dates and may provide for the furnishing of items or service from time to time or within a stated period against specific purchase orders, such as “calls”, “requisitions”, and “delivery orders”. These purchase orders must specify a required delivery date or dates and are to be considered as rated as of the date of their receipt by the supplier and not as of the date of the original procurement document;

(c) The written signature on a manually placed order, or the digital signature or name on an electronically placed order, of an individual authorized to sign rated orders for the person placing the order. The signature or use of the name certifies that the rated order is authorized under this part and that the requirements of this part are being followed; and


(1) A statement that reads in substance:

This is a rated order certified for national defense use, and you are required to follow all the provisions of the Energy Priorities and Allocations System regulation at 10 CFR part 217.

(2) If the rated order is placed in support of emergency preparedness requirements and expedited action is necessary and appropriate to meet these requirements, the following sentences should be added following the statement set forth in paragraph (d)(1) of this section:

This rated order is placed for the purpose of emergency preparedness. It must be accepted or rejected within 2 days after receipt of the order if (1) The order is issued in response to a hazard that has occurred; or

(2) If the order is issued to prepare for an imminent hazard, as specified in EPAS Section 217.33(e), 10 CFR 217.33(e).