10 CFR § 217.72 - Compulsory process.

§ 217.72 Compulsory process.

(a) If a person refuses to permit a duly authorized representative of the Department of Energy to have access to any premises or source of information necessary to the administration or the enforcement of the Defense Production Act and other applicable statutes, this part, or official actions, the Department of Energy representative may seek compulsory process. Compulsory process means the institution of appropriate legal action, including ex parte application for an inspection warrant or its equivalent, in any forum of appropriate jurisdiction.

(b) Compulsory process may be sought in advance of an audit, investigation, or other inquiry, if, in the judgment of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Energy overseeing the Defense Production Act program, as listed in § 217.93, there is reason to believe that a person will refuse to permit an audit, investigation, or other inquiry, or that other circumstances exist which make such process desirable or necessary.

[76 FR 33619, June 9, 2011, as amended at 85 FR 31670, May 27, 2020]

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