10 CFR § 40.71 - Modification and revocation of licenses.

§ 40.71 Modification and revocation of licenses.

(a) The terms and conditions of each license shall be subject to amendment, revision, or modification by reason of amendments to the Act, or by reason of rules, regulations, or orders issued in accordance with the Act.

(b) Any license may be revoked, suspended, or modified, in whole or in part, for any material false statement in the application or any statement of fact required under section 182 of the Act, or because of conditions revealed by such application or statement of fact or any report, record, or inspection or other means which would warrant the Commission to refuse to grant a license on an original application, or for violation of, or failure to observe any of, the terms and conditions of the Act, or the license, or of any rule, regulation or order of the Commission.

(c) Except in cases of willfulness or those in which the public health, interest or safety requires otherwise, no license shall be modified, suspended, or revoked unless, prior to the institution of proceedings therefor, facts or conduct which may warrant such action shall have been called to the attention of the licensee in writing and the licensee shall have been accorded opportunity to demonstrate or achieve compliance with all lawful requirements.

[26 FR 284, Jan. 14, 1961, as amended at 35 FR 11460, July 17, 1970; 48 FR 32328, July 15, 1983]