10 CFR § 440.30 - Administrative review.

§ 440.30 Administrative review.

(a) An applicant shall have 20 days from the date of receipt of a decision under § 440.12 or § 440.13 to file a notice requesting administrative review. If an applicant does not timely file such a notice, the decision under § 440.12 or § 440.13 shall become final for DOE.

(b) A notice requesting administrative review shall be filed with the Support Office Director and shall be accompanied by a written statement containing supporting arguments and requesting, if desired, the opportunity for a public hearing.

(c) A notice or any other document shall be deemed filed under this section upon receipt.

(d) On or before 15 days from receipt of a notice requesting administrative review which is timely filed, the Support Office Director shall forward to the Deputy Assistant Secretary, the notice requesting administrative review, the decision under § 440.12 or § 440.13 as to which administrative review is sought, a draft recommended final decision for the concurrence of the Deputy Assistant Secretary, and any other relevant material.

(e) If the applicant requests a public hearing, the Deputy Assistant Secretary, within 15 days, shall give actual notice to the State and Federal Register notice of the date, place, time, and procedures which shall apply to the public hearing. Any public hearing under this section shall be informal and legislative in nature.

(f) On or before 45 days from receipt of documents under paragraph (d) of this section or the conclusion of the public hearing, whichever is later, the Deputy Assistant Secretary shall concur in, concur in as modified, or issue a substitute for the recommended decision of the Support Office Director.

(g) On or before 15 days from the date of receipt of the determination under paragraph (f) of this section, the Governor may file an application, with a supporting statement of reasons, for discretionary review by the Assistant Secretary. On or before 15 days from filing, the Assistant Secretary shall send a notice to the Governor stating whether the Deputy Assistant Secretary's determination will be reviewed. If the Assistant Secretary grants review, a decision shall be issued no later than 60 days from the date review is granted. The Assistant Secretary may not issue a notice or decision under this paragraph without the concurrence of the DOE Office of General Counsel.

(h) A decision under paragraph (f) of this section shall be final for DOE if there is no review under paragraph (g) of this section. If there is review under paragraph (g) of this section, the decision thereunder shall be final for DOE, and no appeal shall lie elsewhere in DOE.

(i) Prior to the effective date of the termination of eligibility for further participation in the program because of failure to comply substantially with the requirements of the Act or of this part, a grantee shall have the right to written notice of the basis for the enforcement action and the opportunity for a public hearing notwithstanding any provisions to contrary of 10 CFR 600.26, 600.28(b), 600.29, 600.121(c), and 600.443. A notice under this paragraph shall be mailed by the Support Office Director by registered mail, return-receipt requested, to the State, local grantee, and other interested parties. To obtain a public hearing, the grantee must request an evidentiary hearing, with prior Federal Register notice, in the election letter submitted under Rule 2 of 10 CFR 1024.4 and the request shall be granted notwithstanding any provisions of Rule 2 to the contrary.

[55 FR 41326, Oct. 10, 1990, as amended at 58 FR 12529, Mar. 4, 1993]