10 CFR § 470.13 - Program solicitation.

§ 470.13 Program solicitation.

(a) The Regional Program Managers shall be responsible for the preparation of program solicitations which solicit proposals for support under the program pursuant to simplified application procedures. Projects may be supported under the program only if they have successfully completed under a program solicitation.

(b) Each program solicitation shall include—

(1) A description of the program;

(2) The eligibility requirements;

(3) A time schedule for submission of, and action on, proposals;

(4) A simple application form for submitting a proposal for support under the program, together with instructions for completing the application form;

(5) Evaluation criteria, along with a narrative description of their relative importance;

(6) An explanation of the evaluation and selection procedures, including a notice to proposers that if the proposer expressly indicates that only Government evaluation is authorized, DOE may be unable to give full consideration to the proposal.

(7) Other applicable information, terms and conditions, including the desired budget format;

(8) Place for, and manner of, submission;

(9) A unique number for identification purposes;

(10) A statement notifying potential proposers that an announcement does not commit DOE to pay any proposal perparation costs and that DOE reserves the right to select for support any, all, or none of the proposals received in response to a solicitation;

(11) A late proposal provision;

(12) A statement notifying proposers how to identify information in the proposal which the proposer does not want disclosed for purposes other than the evaluation of the proposal.

(13) A statement notifying proposers that all information contained in the proposal will be handled in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in DOE-AR and DOE-PR, as applicable, and disclosed, if appropriate, in accordance with 10 CFR part 1004 entitled “Freedom of Information.”

(14) A statement notifying proposers of their right to request a debriefing pursuant to the procedures set forth in § 470.18; and

(15) A statement notifying proposers of their right to request a waiver of DOE's title to inventions made under the program.

(c) Each program solicitation shall be synopsized in the Commerce Business Daily prior to or concurrent with release. The program solicitation also shall be announced to appropriate newspapers, trade and technical publications, and State and local governments, and shall be circulated directly to interested individuals, entities, and associations thereof, to the maximum extent feasible.