10 CFR § 473.2 - Definitions.

§ 473.2 Definitions.

For purpose of these regulations—

Act means the Federal Energy Administration Act of 1978—Civilian Applications. Pub. L. 95–238, 92 Stat. 47.

Advanced automobile propulsion system means an energy conversion system, including engine and drivetrain, which utilizes advanced technology and is suitable for use in an advanced automobile.

Agency project means research and development under the Act by employees of a Federal agency furnishing assistance at the request of the DOE.

Annual funding period means the Federal fiscal year during which a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract is funded by an appropriation under the Act.

Applicant means any private laboratory, university, nonprofit organization, industrial organization, private agency, institution, organization, corporation, partnership, individual, or public agency other than a Federal agency.

DOE project means research and development under the Act by employees of the DOE.

Federal agency means an executive agency as defined by 5 U.S.C. 105 (1970).

Manager means the Federal program official who requests grant agreements, cooperative agreements, or contracts to be negotiated or who authorizes a DOE or agency project to begin.

Notice of availability means a notice published in the Commerce Business Daily advertising the availability of a formal solicitation document to be issued for the purpose of inviting and setting guidelines for submission of proposals for research and development grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts.

Research and development means activities constituting a project to create an advanced automobile propulsion system and does not mean activities involving technology transfer to mass production, evaluative testing, preliminary planning for a DOE or an agency project, or program administration and management.

Solicitation means a formal, written request for proposals to perform research and development under a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract, typically including evaluation criteria and a statement of the work to be done.