10 CFR § 590.103 - General requirements for filing documents with FE.

§ 590.103 General requirements for filing documents with FE.

(a) Any document, including but not limited to an application, amendment of an application, request, petition, motion, answer, comment, protest, complaint, and any exhibit submitted in connection with such documents, shall be filed with FE under this part. Such document shall be considered officially filed with FE when it has been received and stamped with the time and date of receipt by the Office of Fuels Programs, FE. Documents transmitted to FE must be addressed as provided in § 590.104. All documents and exhibits become part of the record in the official FE docket file and will not be returned. An original and fifteen (15) copies of all applications, filings and submittals shall be provided to FE. No specific format is required. Applicants required to file quarterly reports as a condition to an authorization need only file an original and four (4) copies.

(b) Upon receipt by FE, each application or other initial request for action shall be assigned a docket number. Any petition, motion, answer, request, comment, protest, complaint or other document filed subsequently in a docketed proceeding with FE shall refer to the assigned docket number. All documents shall be signed either by the person upon whose behalf the document is filed or by an authorized representative. Documents signed by an authorized representative shall contain a certified statement that the representative is a duly authorized representative unless the representative has a certified statement already on file in the FE docket of the proceeding. All documents shall also be verified under oath or affirmation by the person filing, or by an officer or authorized representative of the firm having knowledge of the facts alleged. Each document filed with FE shall contain a certification that a copy has been served as required by § 590.107 and indicate the date of service. Service of each document must be made not later than the date of the filing of the document.

(c) A person who files an application shall state whether, to the best knowledge of that person, the same or a related matter is being considered by any other part of the DOE, including the FERC, or any other Federal agency or department and, if so, shall identify the matter and the agency or department.