10 CFR § 605.8 - Solicitation.

§ 605.8 Solicitation.

(a) The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number for this program is 81.049, and its solicitation control number is ERFAP 10 CFR part 605.

(b) An application for a new or renewal award under this solicitation may be submitted at any time to DOE at the address specified in paragraph (c) of this section. New or renewal applications shall receive consideration for funding generally within 6 months but, in any event, no later than 12 months from the date of receipt by DOE.

(c) Applicants may obtain application forms, described in § 605.9(b), and additional information from the Acquisition and Assistance Management Division, Office of Science, SC, Department of Energy, Washington, DC 20585, (301) 903-5544, and shall submit applications to the same address.

(d) DOE shall publish annually, in the Federal Register, a notice of the availability of the Office of Science Financial Assistance Program. DOE shall also publish notices or abbreviated notices of availability in trade and professional journals, and news media, and use other means of communication, as appropriate.

(1) Each notice of availability shall cite this part and shall include:

(i) The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number and solicitation control number of the program;

(ii) The amount of money available or estimated to be available for award;

(iii) The name of the responsible DOE program official to contact for additional information, and an address where application forms may be obtained;

(iv) The address for submission of applications; and

(v) Any evaluation criteria in addition to those set forth in § 605.10.

(2) The notice of availability may also include any other relevant information helpful to applicants such as:

(i) Program objectives,

(ii) A project agenda or potential areas for project initiatives,

(iii) Problem areas requiring additional effort, and

(iv) Any other information which identifies areas in which grants or cooperative agreements may be made.

(e) DOE is under no obligation to pay for any costs associated with the preparation or submission of applications.

(f) DOE reserves the right to fund, in whole or in part, any, all, or none of the applications submitted.

(g) To be considered for a renewal award under this part, an incumbent recipient shall submit a renewal application as provided in § 605.9 (c) and (h).

[57 FR 40583, Sept. 3, 1992, as amended at 79 FR 76046, Dec. 19, 2014]