10 CFR § 626.7 - Royalty transfer and exchange.

§ 626.7 Royalty transfer and exchange.

(a) General. DOE shall conduct royalty transfers pursuant to an agreement between DOE and DOI for the transfer of royalty oil.

(b) Acquisition strategy.

(1) DOE and DOI shall select a royalty volume from specified leases for transfer usually over six-month periods.

(2) If logistics and crude oil quality are compatible with SPR receipt capabilities and requirements respectively, DOE may take the royalty oil directly from DOI and place it in SPR storage sites. Otherwise, DOE may competitively solicit suppliers to deliver oil of comparable value to the SPR in exchange for the receipt of royalty-in-kind oil.

(3) If, based on the market analysis described in paragraph (d) of this section, DOE determines there is a high probability that the cost to the Government can be reduced without significantly affecting national energy security goals, DOE may contract for delivery at a future date in expectation of lower prices and a higher quantity of oil in exchange. Conversely, it may schedule deliveries at an earlier date under the contract in anticipation of higher prices at later dates.

(4) Based on the market analysis in paragraph (d) of this section, DOE may, after consultation with DOI, suspend the transfer of royalty oil to DOE if it appears the added demand for oil will add significant upward pressure to prices either regionally or on a world-wide basis.

(c) Fill requirements determination. DOE shall develop SPR fill requirements for each solicitation based on an assessment of national energy security goals, the availability of royalty oil and storage capacity, and need for specific grades and quantities of crude oil.

(d) Market analysis.

(1) DOE may use prices on futures markets, spot markets, recent price movements, current and projected shipping rates, forecasts by the DOE Energy Information Administration, and any other analytic tools to determine the most desirable acquisition profile.

(2) A market analysis may also consider recent price changes, private inventory levels, oil acquisition by other stockpiling entities, the outlook for world oil production, incipient disruptions of supply or refining capability, logistical problems for moving petroleum products, macroeconomic factors, and any other considerations that may be pertinent to the balance of petroleum supply and demand.

(e) Evaluation of royalty exchange offers.

(1) DOE shall evaluate offers using:

(i) The criteria and requirements stated in the solicitation; and

(ii) The market analysis under paragraph (d) of this section.

(2) DOE shall require financial guarantees from contractors in the form of a letter of credit or equivalent financial assurance.

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