10 CFR § 707.12 - Specimen collection, handling and laboratory analysis for drug testing.

§ 707.12 Specimen collection, handling and laboratory analysis for drug testing.

(a) Procedures for providing urine specimens must allow individual privacy, unless there is reason to believe that a particular individual may alter or substitute the specimen to be provided. Contractors shall utilize a chain of custody procedure for maintaining control and accountability from point of collection to final disposition of specimens, and testing laboratories shall use appropriate cutoff levels in screening specimens to determine whether they are negative or positive for a specific drug, consistent with the HHS Mandatory Guidelines (see § 707.5(a)). The contractor shall ensure that only testing laboratories certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, are utilized.


(1) If the individual refuses to cooperate with the urine collection (e.g., refusal to provide a specimen, or to complete paperwork), then the collection site person shall inform the MRO and shall document the non-cooperation on the specimen chain of custody form. The MRO shall report the failure to cooperate to the appropriate management authority, who shall report to DOE if the individual holds an access authorization. Individuals so failing to cooperate shall be treated in all respects as if they had been tested and had been determined to have used an illegal drug. The contractor may apply additional sanctions consistent with its disciplinary policy.

(2) The collection site person shall ascertain that there is a sufficient amount of urine to conduct an initial test, a confirmatory test, and a retest, in accordance with the HHS Mandatory Guidelines. If there is not a sufficient amount of urine, additional urine will be collected in a separate container. The individual may be given reasonable amounts of liquid and a reasonable amount of time in which to provide the specimen required. The individual and the collection site person must keep the specimen in view at all times. In the event that the individual fails to provide a sufficient amount of urine, the amount collected will be noted on the “Urine Sample Custody Document.” In this case, the collection site person will telephone the individual's supervisor who will determine the next appropriate action. This may include deciding to reschedule the individual for testing, to return the individual to his or her work site and initiate disciplinary action, or both.

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