10 CFR 71.33 - Package description.

§ 71.33 Package description.

The application must include a description of the proposed package in sufficient detail to identify the package accurately and provide a sufficient basis for evaluation of the package. The description must include -

(a) With respect to the packaging -

(1) Classification as Type B(U), Type B(M), or fissile material packaging;

(2) Gross weight;

(3) Model number;

(4) Identification of the containment system;

(5) Specific materials of construction, weights, dimensions, and fabrication methods of -

(i) Receptacles;

(ii) Materials specifically used as nonfissile neutron absorbers or moderators;

(iii) Internal and external structures supporting or protecting receptacles;

(iv) Valves, sampling ports, lifting devices, and tie-down devices; and

(v) Structural and mechanical means for the transfer and dissipation of heat; and

(6) Identification and volumes of any receptacles containing coolant.

(b) With respect to the contents of the package -

(1) Identification and maximum radioactivity of radioactive constituents;

(2) Identification and maximum quantities of fissile constituents;

(3) Chemical and physical form;

(4) Extent of reflection, the amount and identity of nonfissile materials used as neutron absorbers or moderators, and the atomic ratio of moderator to fissile constituents;

(5) Maximum normal operating pressure;

(6) Maximum weight;

(7) Maximum amount of decay heat; and

(8) Identification and volumes of any coolants.

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