10 CFR § 725.11 - Applications.

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§ 725.11 Applications.

(a) Any person desiring access to Restricted Data pursuant to this part should submit an application (Form 378), in triplicate, for an access permit to the Chief Health, Safety and Security Officer, HS-1/Forrestal Building, U.S. Department of Energy, 1000 Independence Ave, SW., Washington, DC 20585.

(b) Where an individual desires access to Restricted Data for use in the performance of his duties as an employee, the application for an access permit must be filed in the name of his employer.

(c) Self-employed private consultants, desiring access to Restricted Data, must file the application in their own name for an individual access permit.

(d) Each application should contain the following information:

(1) Name of applicant (unincorporated subsidiaries or divisions of a corporation must apply in the name of the corporation);

(2) Address of applicant;

(3) Description of business or occupation of applicant; and


(i) If applicant is an individual, state citizenship.

(ii) If applicant is a partnership, state name, citizenship and address of each partner and the principal location where the partnership does business.

(iii) If applicant is a corporation or an unincorporated association, state:

(A) The state where it is incorporated or organized and the principal location where it does business;

(B) The names, addresses and citizenship of its directors and of its principal officers;

(C) Whether it is owned, controlled or dominated by an alien, a foreign corporation, or foreign government, and if so, give details.

(iv) If the applicant is acting as agent or representative of another person in filing the application, identify the principal and furnish information required under this subparagraph with respect to such principal;

(5) Total number of full-time employees;

(6) Classification of Restricted Data (Confidential or Secret) to which access is requested;

(7) Potential use of the Restricted Data in the applicant's business, profession or trade. If access to Secret Restricted Data is requested, list the specific categories by number and furnish detailed reasons why such access within the specified categories is needed by the applicant. The need for Secret information should be stated by describing its proposed use in specific research, design, planning, construction, manufacturing, or operating projects; in activities under licenses issued by Nuclear Regulatory Commission; in studies or evaluations planned or under way; or in work or services to be performed for other organizations. In addition, if access to secret restricted data in category C-65, plutonium production, or restricted data in category C-24, isotope separation, is requested, the application should also include sufficient information to satisfy the requirements of § 725.15(b) (2) or (3), as the case may be.”

(8) Principal Location(s) at which Restricted Data will be used.

(e) Applications should be signed by a person authorized to sign for the applicant.

(f) Each application shall contain complete and accurate disclosure with respect to the real party or parties in interest and as to all other matters and things required to be disclosed.

[41 FR 56778, Dec. 30, 1976, as amended at 71 FR 68732, Nov. 28, 2006]

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