10 CFR 851.22 - Hazard prevention and abatement.

§ 851.22 Hazard prevention and abatement.

(a) Contractors must establish and implement a hazard prevention and abatement process to ensure that all identified and potential hazards are prevented or abated in a timely manner.

(1) For hazards identified either in the facility design or during the development of procedures, controls must be incorporated in the appropriate facility design or procedure.

(2) For existing hazards identified in the workplace, contractors must:

(i) Prioritize and implement abatement actions according to the risk to workers;

(ii) Implement interim protective measures pending final abatement; and

(iii) Protect workers from dangerous safety and health conditions;

(b) Contractors must select hazard controls based on the following hierarchy:

(1) Elimination or substitution of the hazards where feasible and appropriate;

(2) Engineering controls where feasible and appropriate;

(3) Work practices and administrative controls that limit worker exposures; and

(4) Personal protective equipment.

(c) Contractors must address hazards when selecting or purchasing equipment, products, and services.