10 CFR § 861.4 - Use of site streets.

§ 861.4 Use of site streets.

All persons using the streets of the Nevada Test Site shall do so in a careful and safe manner.

(a) The Nevada Test Site Traffic Regulations supplement this section by identifying the specific traffic requirements relating to such matters as:

(1) Enforcement and obedience to Traffic Regulations, including the authority of police officers and traffic regulations, and responsibility to report accidents.

(2) Traffic signs, signals, and markings, including required compliance with traffic lanes and traffic control devices, and prohibitions on display of unauthorized traffic signs, signals, or marking or interference with authorized traffic control devices.

(3) Speeding or driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, including prohibitions on reckless driving, and promulgation of maximum permissible speeds.

(4) Turning movements, including required position and method of turning at intersections, limitations on turning around, and obedience to turning markers and no-turn signs.

(5) Stopping and yielding, including obedience to stop and yield signs, requirements, when entering stop or yield intersections, emerging from alleys, driveways, or buildings, operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles and stops when traffic is obstructed.

(6) Pedestrians' rights and duties, including pedestrian's right-of-way in crosswalks, when a pedestrian must yield, required use or right half of crosswalks and requirements concerning walking along roadways and prohibited pedestrian crossings.

(7) Parking, stopping, and standing, specifying when parking, stopping, and standing are prohibited, including special provisions applicable to buses, requirements that parking not obstruct traffic and be close to curb, and concerning lamps on parked vehicles.

(8) Privileges of drivers of authorized emergency vehicles, including exemptions from parking and standing, stopping, speeding and turning limitations,

under specified circumstances and within specified limitations.

(9) Miscellaneous driving rules, including requirements for convoys, and limitations on backing, opening and closing vehicle doors, following fire apparatus, crossing a fire hose, driving through a safety zone, through convoys, on sidewalks or shoulders of roadways, boarding or alighting from vehicles, passing a bus on the right, and unlawful riding.

(b) The Nevada Test Site Traffic Regulations, when posted and distributed as specified in § 861.6, shall have the same force and effect as if made a part hereof.

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