10 CFR § 862.4 - Prohibitions and penalties.

§ 862.4 Prohibitions and penalties.

(a) The following activities are prohibited by his part:

(1) Operation or use of aircraft on lands or waters of designated sites.

(2) Air delivery to or from designated sites.

(3) Removal or movement of downed aircraft, or participation in the removal or movement of downed aircraft, from or on a designated site unless prior authorization is obtained pursuant to § 862.5 of this part.

(4) Failure to remove a downed aircraft from a designated site in accordance with an order issued by the cognizant DOE Manager of Operations under § 862.5 of this part.

(5) Violation of Federal Aviation Administration regulations regarding minimum altitudes and prohibited flight maneuvers over a designated site.

(b) A person willfully engaging in activities prohibited by this part may be subject to the imposition of criminal penalties set forth in sections 223 and 229 of the Atomic Energy Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2273 and 2278(a)).

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