11 CFR § 104.14 - Formal requirements regarding reports and statements.

§ 104.14 Formal requirements regarding reports and statements.

(a) Each individual having the responsibility to file a designation, report or statement required under this subchapter shall sign the original designation, report or statement except that:

(1) Reports or statements of independent expenditures filed by facsimile machine or electronic mail under 11 CFR 104.4(b) or 11 CFR 109.10 must be verified in accordance with those sections; and

(2) Reports, designations, or statements filed electronically under 11 CFR 104.18 must follow the signature requirements of 11 CFR 104.18(g).

(b) Each political committee or other person required to file any report or statement under this subchapter shall maintain all records as follows:

(1) Maintain records, including bank records, with respect to the matters required to be reported, including vouchers, worksheets, receipts, bills and accounts, which shall provide in sufficient detail the necessary information and data from which the filed reports and statements may be verified, explained, clarified, and checked for accuracy and completeness;

(2) Preserve a copy of each report or statement required to be filed under 11 CFR parts 102 and 104, and all records relevant to such reports or statements;

(3) Keep all reports required to be preserved under this section available for audit, inspection, or examination by the Commission or its authorized representative(s) for a period of not less that 3 years after the report or statement is filed (See 11 CFR 102.9(c) for requirements relating to preservation of records and accounts); and

(4) Candidates, who obtain bank loans or loans derived from an advance from the candidate's brokerage account, credit card, home equity line of credit, or other lines of credit available to the candidate, must preserve the following records for three years after the date of the election for which they were a candidate:

(i) Records to demonstrate the ownership of the accounts or assets securing the loans;

(ii) Copies of the executed loan agreements and all security and guarantee statements;

(iii) Statements of account for all accounts used to secure any loan for the period the loan is outstanding such as brokerage accounts or credit card accounts, and statements on any line of credit account that was used for the purpose of influencing the candidate's election for Federal office;

(iv) For brokerage loans or other loans secured by financial assets, records to establish the source of the funds in the account at the time of the loan; and

(v) Records of all payments made on the loan by any person.

(c) Acknowledgements by the Commission of the receipt of Statements of Organization, reports or other statements filed under 11 CFR parts 101, 102, and 104 are intended solely to inform the person filing the report of its receipt and neither the acknowledgement nor the acceptance of a report or statement shall constitute express or implied approval, or in any manner indicate that the contents of any report or statement fulfill the filing or other requirements of the Act or of these regulations.

(d) Each treasurer of a political committee, and any other person required to file any report or statement under these regulations and under the Act, shall be personally responsible for the timely and complete filing of the report or statement and for the accuracy of any information or statement contained in it.

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