11 CFR § 113.2 - Permissible non-campaign use of funds (52 U.S.C. 30114).

§ 113.2 Permissible non-campaign use of funds (52 U.S.C. 30114).

In addition to defraying expenses in connection with a campaign for federal office, funds in a campaign account or an account described in 11 CFR 113.3:

(a) May be used to defray any ordinary and necessary expenses incurred in connection with the recipient's duties as a holder of Federal office, if applicable, including:

(1) The costs of travel by the recipient Federal officeholder and an accompanying spouse to participate in a function directly connected to bona fide official responsibilities, such as a fact-finding meeting or an event at which the officeholder's services are provided through a speech or appearance in an official capacity; and

(2) The costs of winding down the office of a former Federal officeholder for a period of 6 months after he or she leaves office; or

(b) May be contributed to any organization described in section 170(c) of Title 26, of the United States Code; or

(c) May be transferred without limitation to any national, State, or local committee of any political party; or

(d) May be donated to State and local candidates subject to the provisions of State law; or

(e) May be used for any other lawful purpose, unless such use is personal use under 11 CFR 113.1(g).

(f) Nothing in this section modifies or supersedes other Federal statutory restrictions or relevant State laws that may apply to the use of campaign or donated funds by candidates or Federal officeholders.

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