11 CFR § 200.4 - Disposition of petitions.

§ 200.4 Disposition of petitions.

(a) After considering the comments that have been filed within the comment period(s) and any other information relevant to the subject matter of the petition, the Commission will decide whether to initiate a rulemaking based on the filed petition.

(b) If the Commission decides not to initiate a rulemaking, it will give notice of this action by publishing a Notice of Disposition in the Federal Register and notifying the petitioner. The Notice of Disposition will include a brief statement of the grounds for the Commission's decision, except in an action affirming a prior denial.

(c) The Commission may reconsider a petition for rulemaking previously denied if the petitioner submits a written request for reconsideration within 30 calendar days after the date of the denial and if, upon the motion of a Commissioner who voted with the majority that originally denied the petition, the Commission adopts the motion to reconsider by the affirmative vote of four members.

[57 FR 34510, Aug. 5, 1992, as amended at 89 FR 219, Jan. 2, 2024]