11 CFR § 6.110 - Evaluation.

§ 6.110 Evaluation.

(a) Within one year of the effective date of this part, the Commission will conduct, with the assistance of interested persons, including handicapped persons and organizations representing handicapped persons, and evaluation of its compliance with section 504. This evaluation will include a determination of whether the Commission's policies and practices, and the effects thereof, meet the requirements of this part and whether modification of any such policies or practices is required to comply with section 504. If modification of any policy or practice is found to be required as a result of this evaluation, the Commission will proceed to make the necessary modifications.

(b) For at least three years following completion of the evaluation required under paragraph (a), the Commission will maintain on file and make available for public inspection:

(1) A list of the interested persons consulted;

(2) A description of areas examined and any problems identified; and

(3) A description of any modifications made.