11 CFR § 9007.3 - Extensions of time.

§ 9007.3 Extensions of time.

(a) It is the policy of the Commission that extensions of time under 11 CFR part 9007 will not be routinely granted.

(b) Whenever a candidate has a right or is required to take action within a period of time prescribed by 11 CFR part 9007 or by notice given thereunder, the candidate may apply in writing to the Commission for an extension of time in which to exercise such right or take such action. The candidate shall demonstrate in the application for extension that good cause exists for his or her request.

(c) An application for extension of time shall be made at least 7 calendar days prior to the expiration of the time period for which the extension is sought. The Commission may, upon a showing of good cause, grant an extension of time to a candidate who has applied for such extension in a timely manner. The length of time of any extension granted hereunder shall be decided by the Commission and may be less than the amount of time sought by the candidate in his or her application. If a candidate seeks an extension of any 60-day response period under 11 CFR part 9007, the Commission may grant no more than one extension to that candidate, which extension shall not exceed 15 days.

(d) If a candidate fails to seek an extension of time, exercise a right or take a required action prior to the expiration of a time period prescribed by 11 CFR part 9007, the Commission may, on the candidate's showing of excusable neglect:

(1) Permit such candidate to exercise his or her right(s), or take such required action(s) after the expiration of the prescribed time period; and

(2) Take into consideration any information obtained in connection with the exercise of any such right or taking of any such action before making decisions or determinations under 11 CFR part 9007.

[56 FR 35924, July 29, 1991, as amended at 60 FR 31880, June 16, 1995]