11 CFR § 9007.7 - Administrative record.

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§ 9007.7 Administrative record.

(a) The Commission's administrative record for final determinations under 11 CFR 9004.9 and 9005.1, and for repayment determinations under 11 CFR 9007.2, consists of all documents, records, and materials submitted to the Commission for its consideration in making those determinations. The administrative record will include the certification of the Commission's vote(s), the audit report that is sent to the committee (for repayment determinations), the statement(s) of reasons, and the candidate agreement. The committee may include documents, records, or materials in the administrative record by submitting them within the time periods set forth at 11 CFR 9004.9(f)(2)(ii), 9005.1(b)(2), 9005.1(c)(4), 9007.1(c) and 9007.2(c)(2), as appropriate.

(b) The Commission's administrative record for determinations under 11 CFR 9004.9, 9005.1 and 9007.2 does not include:

(1) Documents and materials in the files of individual Commissioners or employees of the Commission that do not constitute a basis for the Commission's decisions because they were not circulated to the Commission and were not referenced in documents that were circulated to the Commission;

(2) Transcripts or audio recordings of Commission discussions other than transcripts or audio recordings of oral hearings pursuant to 11 CFR 9007.2(c)(2), although such transcripts or recordings may be made available under 11 CFR parts 4 or 5; or

(3) Documents properly subject to privileges such as an attorney-client privilege, or items constituting attorney work product.

(c) The administrative record identified in paragraph (a) of this section is the exclusive record for the Commission's determinations under 11 CFR 9004.9, 9005.1 and 9007.2

[60 FR 31880, June 16, 1995, as amended at 89 FR 220, Jan. 2, 2024]