11 CFR § 9038.3 - Liquidation of obligations; repayment.

§ 9038.3 Liquidation of obligations; repayment.

(a) The candidate may retain amounts received from the matching payment account for a period not exceeding 6 months after the matching payment period to pay qualified campaign expenses incurred by the candidate.

(b) After all obligations have been liquidated, the candidate shall so inform the Commission in writing.


(1) If on the last day of candidate eligibility the candidate's net outstanding campaign obligations, as defined in 11 CFR 9034.5, reflect a surplus, the candidate shall within 30 calendar days of the ineligibility date repay to the Secretary an amount which represents the amount of matching funds contained in the candidate's surplus. The amount shall be an amount equal to that portion of the surplus which bears the same ratio to the total surplus that the total amount received by the candidate from the matching payment account bears to the total deposits made to the candidate's accounts.

(2) For purposes of this subsection, total deposits means all deposits to all candidate accounts minus transfers between accounts, refunds, rebates, reimbursements, checks returned for insufficient funds, proceeds of loans and other similar amounts.

(3) Notwithstanding the payment of any amounts to the United States Treasury under this section, the Commission may make surplus repayment determination(s) which require repayment in accordance with 11 CFR 9038.2.