11 CFR § 9407.7 - Recordkeeping requirements.

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§ 9407.7 Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) The Commission shall maintain either a complete transcript or electronic recording of the proceedings of each meeting.

(b) In the case of either a meeting or portions of a meeting closed to the public under § 9407.5(a)(8) or (10), the Commission shall maintain a complete transcript, an electronic recording, or a set of minutes of the proceedings. If minutes are maintained, they shall fully and clearly describe all matters discussed and shall provide a full and accurate summary of any actions taken and the reasons for which such actions were taken, including a description of the views expressed on any item and a record reflecting the vote of each Commissioner. All documents considered in connection with any action shall be identified in the minutes.

(c) The transcript, electronic recording, or copy of the minutes of a meeting shall disclose the identity of each speaker.

(d) The Commission shall maintain a complete verbatim copy of the transcript, a complete electronic recording, or a complete copy of the minutes of the proceedings of each meeting for at least two years, or for one year after the conclusion of any Commission proceeding with respect to which the meeting was held, whichever occurs later.