12 CFR § 1015.7 - Exemptions.

§ 1015.7 Exemptions.

(a) An attorney is exempt from this part, with the exception of § 1015.5, if the attorney:

(1) Provides mortgage assistance relief services as part of the practice of law;

(2) Is licensed to practice law in the state in which the consumer for whom the attorney is providing mortgage assistance relief services resides or in which the consumer's dwelling is located; and

(3) Complies with state laws and regulations that cover the same type of conduct the rule requires.

(b) An attorney who is exempt pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section is also exempt from § 1015.5 if the attorney:

(1) Deposits any funds received from the consumer prior to performing legal services in a client trust account; and

(2) Complies with all state laws and regulations, including licensing regulations, applicable to client trust accounts.