12 CFR § 1026.29 - State exemptions.

§ 1026.29 State exemptions.

(a) General rule. Any state may apply to the Bureau to exempt a class of transactions within the state from the requirements of chapter 2 (Credit transactions) or chapter 4 (Credit billing) of the Act and the corresponding provisions of this part. The Bureau shall grant an exemption if it determines that:

(1) The state law is substantially similar to the Federal law or, in the case of chapter 4, affords the consumer greater protection than the Federal law; and

(2) There is adequate provision for enforcement.

(b) Civil liability.

(1) No exemptions granted under this section shall extend to the civil liability provisions of sections 130 and 131 of the Act.

(2) If an exemption has been granted, the disclosures required by the applicable state law (except any additional requirements not imposed by Federal law) shall constitute the disclosures required by the Act.

(c) Applications. The procedures under which a state may apply for an exemption under this section are set forth in appendix B to this part.